The circular economy solution for all industrial

wastewater ( industrial, urban and agricultural), sludge ( Industrial & municipal, Biowastes (food & beverage, agriculture industry) and brines

and a little more…

Basically, our technology recovers up to 99.8% of the water contained in them, thus managing to reintroduce the solid fraction, just like the water itself.

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The production of BEVERAGES such as juice, beer, wine, vegetable milk FOOD meat, preserves, fruits and vegetables produce millions of tons of biowastes around the world annually.

At IKERA RD8 we have succeeded in reintroducing many of them as raw material for the production of animal feed, biomass fuel (alternative to the use of natural gas), biofertiliser and even in the food industry.


There are many types of sludges, primary, secondary, tertiary, coming from water purification, from hundreds of different industries, although they all have the same problem: the percentage of final moisture in them.

At IKERA RD8 we have managed to lower the final humidity to 0.2%, thus facilitating the recovery of valuable elements and even their reintroduction in other industries, apart from water itself.


Used water from industrial, agricultural and urban environments represents a serious risk to the environment and a high cost of treatment for companies.

In IKERA RD8, as with sludge and biowaste, we have managed to recover the water from the solid part without the need for chemical products such as flocculants, allowing the reintroduction of the same water to its industrial environment in addition to the valuable elements in the solid part.


This currently does not represent a problem but it is an opportunity. The concentration of fruits and vegetables for their introduction to the beverage and food market can be considerably improved.

At IKERA RD8, we managed to concentrate fruits and vegetables below 10% using temperatures between 20º and 40º, maintaining all the original properties of the product, considerably improving the current levels of concentration and final quality.


Our industrial equipment has many advantages:

Implemented in the factory itself
Requires no membranes
Requires no chemical products, flocculants…
Low energy demand compatible with 100% renewable energy
Easy to implement and scale in industrial environments


It can be industrially reused or discharge it into the network in compliance with local discharge regulations.

High purity, close to or better than distilled water
Pathogen free
Reusable in industry or landfill


Revaluation can be internal or external. In both cases we present you with available options according to their nature.

Pathogen and seed free
Final humidity adujustable up to 0.2%
Initial product versatility
Maintains all natural organic properties


Our objective is to become long-term operators in the management and revaluation of your wastewater, sludges, biowastes, brines or water based products, offering long-lasting and sustainable rates for industrial clients.


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