We have designed and built a physical reactor.

It is capable of separating any water bearing entity into its components:

  • Water:Up to 99.8% recovered as pure distilled water.
  • Solid remnants:With adjustable moisture level down to 0.2%
  • Oils & solvents:
  • VOC:

By water bearing entity we understand

  • Liquid mixtures. seawater, industrial wastewater, brine, polluted water, black water, grey water, etc.
  • Concentrates and sludges: from mining and industrial operations.
  • Manure: from poultry, pigs, cows, etc.
  • Agri-products: fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc
  • Organic waste: citrus peels, animal blood, spent coffee grounds, pomace, alperujo, etc
  • Plants : Taxus bacatta, marigold, Chamomile, cannabis, etc.


  • No membranes
  • No chemicals
  • Low thermal energy demand  easily obtained with renewable energy
  • Low electrical demand
  • Low temperature operation


  • Easily implemented
  • Easily scaled up