As the human population grows, so do the numbers of livestock, pets, and farmed fish.
Providing high-quality raw material at low cost is crucial in feed production, avoiding competition between human and animal feed.


Thanks to the IKERA RD8 technology, many doors are opened for the production of raw materials for livestock, pet and farmed fish feed from waste such as whey, fish remains, algaes, animal blood, pomace, agricultural campaign remains and excess production among many others.

In addition, the raw materials are produced by using the innovative quality of the non-thermal process, performing sterilisation at room temperatures.


Thermal energy is the main source of energy used, which can come from renewable energies such as CSP, MINI-CSP, FVT, geothermal, and local biomass or a mix of them. Also from non-renewable energies or a mix of renewable and non-renewable.

The organic waste first goes to a tank in which we ensure homogenisation. Subsequently the waste continues through the IKERA RD8 physical reactor in which only H2o evaporates and is then condensed and disposed of or mineralised according to reuse.

The solid part, free of pathogens can processed at room temperature. The humidity level can be adjusted to as low as 0.2%. After this process the dry solids are ready for transfer and revalorisation as a base for animal feed.


We have carried out viability studies into algaes, milk whey, cheese whey, orange and lemon peels, vegetable and fruit, blood, pomace, fish remains and others. There are potentially hundreds of organic remains and admissible products thanks to the IKERA RD8 technology .

We are currently looking for industrial partners or venture capital for industrial scale up.

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